1. The student must bring his/her diary on all working days of the school.
  2. The student must come to school on time and in full, clean and prescribed uniforms on all working days at all school functions.
  3. The student is responsible for the care of his/her personal belongings.Expensive jewels or ornaments are totally banned and the school management takes no responsibility to their loss.
  4. The institution takes responsibility for the students within the school premises, but not for any incident taking place outside.
  5. The student is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls or throw paper or ink about the class – rooms and school premises.Penalty for the damage to building, furniture, etc, must be paid as decided by the principal.
  6. Parents or guardians without prior permission from the principal are not allowed to interview their children or to speak to the teachers during school hours.all enquiries must be made at the school office.
  7. The school accepts no responsibility if the student is obliged to return home during the class hours for not wearing the school uniform, for not bringing books to class, for not producing the signature of the parents on remarks written by teachers on the absence record in the calendar diary , for reason of indiscipline and for repeated late coming.
  8. Fees once paid will not be refunded.The fee card must be produced during the payment. Late or non – payment may result in the student being debarred from examinations.
  9. Communication : Parens and guardians are requested to mention the standard and division of their child in their correspondence to the school.They are also requested to inform the school authorities about the changes in the address if any.
  10. Parents and guardians are requested to participate in the meeting of the P.T.A. The inability to participate in any of such meetings should be informed early in time
  11. Pupils should obey the teachers and school authorities.
  12. When a pupil requires leave from the class the parent should apply to the class teacher and permission should be obtained in the case of emergency or sudden illness the pupils should bring the leave leter signed by their parents, the next working day.
  13. Pupils are not allowed to enter other class rooms at any time.
  14. Parents are requested to read the above regulations carefully and to ensure that their children abide by them.